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Our opinion is that you should always dispute your property valuation. It is risk-free and it does not take much time if you have the information available to you (this is why we are here). The dispute itself can be done in 5 minutes on iSettle.

Refer to this news article here (KHOU) and here (WSJ)

Should I dispute my property tax and is it risky?

We cannot guarantee that you will be successfully disputing your taxes. Our reports can be used to dispute your taxes with the board; however, while the appraisal board review is anchored in data, it is also subject to professional opinions from the board members.

Another reason might be that the market value remains above the appraised value.

Can you guarantee that I will be able to reduce my property taxes with your service?

We leverage public and semi-public data to compare your home with similar homes. Refer to How it works section of the website for more details.

How do you assess the value of my home?

At this stage, we are limiting ourselves to Harris County TX to serve our customers better.

Do you provide services for areas outside of Harris County, TX?

In Harris County, you need to file a protest by May 15th. 

Learn more about the yearly appraisal process

Also, read this article about how to learn more about the protest filing

What is the timeline for protesting my appraisal?


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