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How it works?

Share your basic information

We need basic, non-confidential information (such as your property county identifier)  to collect public information about your property (such as past appraisal records, neighborhood, size, construction, and renovation year)

Let our algorithms estimate your home value for tax

We use market data and advanced algorithms to estimate the value of your property.


We compare your home based on similar properties to evaluate a fair appraisal value for your home. As an example, we would compare your home with other homes from the same neighborhood, similar size, and similar age.


To get to an appropriate comparison, we leverage a large amount of public and private data.

Get your personalized  estimate report

You will receive a report that provides a range of estimated value for your home. This report can be used to dispute your taxes.

Click here to download a sample report

Submit paperwork with the County

If we recommend to dispute your County appraisal because our estimates is lower than the County appraisal, you can dispute your appraisal easily by filing the necessary information either on the County website or by mailing the dispute form (here for HCAD).

Our report provide the narrative that you can copy & paste in your dispute.

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