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A winning home estimate in 5 minutes

A quick, reliable, and affordable way to get your home estimated for property taxes

Did you know?


The property tax rate based on the appraised value of your property.

While the rate depends on a specific city, homeowners spend a significant amount of property taxes on their houses yearly.


The percentage of owners that disputed their property value appraisal last year.

To learn when to protest your appraisal, click here


The percentage of owners that got a reduction after disputing their appraisal.

We believe that equipping homeowners with fact-based appraisal will help them increase their likelihood of getting a reduction and will increase their reduction value.

Why use Appraise Homestead?

At Appraise Homestead, we offer a flat-fee service for Harris County homeowners to have a fair estimate of their home value.


Compared to appraisers, we charge a low flat fee instead of a large percentage of property tax gains.

$50 flat-fee estimate

5-minute time investment

All you have to do is provide basic information such as your county identifier and contact information.

We will send you a detailed report of your home value estimate. You can use this assessment to dispute your county appraised value.

Fact-based, leveraging all data

We leverage data and analytics to provide a tax appraisal of your home.

Our estimates are based on current year assessments, current listings, and recently sold properties. 

Our estimates are unbiased because we are data-based, using all available public data across multiple sources.

Our Testimonials

"This service is super accurate in the price estimation and it is extremely valuable since i was able to reduce greatly my property taxes last year!!"

Carlos S.

"Great cost effective way to get strong data and material to fight your real estate taxes! Highly recommend"

Ben P.

"We worked with Appraise Homestead for the first time this year. I had no idea where to start the process and they took the time to explain to me what to do and even followed up on the day of the ARB hearing. The report provided to us was clear and proved itself efficient as we were able to negotiate the market value of our house with only using the data provided. I will definitely use his services again should the value raise again ... Thanks again !!"

Julia S.

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